Music Therapy in Perinatal Psychiatry, a French Point of View

Alexane Boucharechas

Music therapy has been present in France since the 70s, and the number of trained therapists has been steadily increasing since. However, few music therapists work in perinatal psychiatry and this field of clinical practice remains under-explored. We will discuss the creation of perinatal music therapy consultations in a hospital department, the clinical reflections related to this practice, and the development of this music therapy approach in France and worldwide.

Learner Objectives

Implementation in a multi-disciplinary team, knowledge about music therapy in a perinatal context, evidence-based practice


Sensitive to human beings and sounds, Alexane graduated in Psychology and went on to do a Master’s degree in music therapy at the University of Paris Descartes. She specialized in NICU care (GHPSO, Creil) and then started the implementation of music therapy sessions for premature babies and their parents in two hospitals in France (Delafontaine, Saint-Denis, and Jean Verdier, Bondy). At the same time, she has developed her skills in taking care of children with developmental disorders. Since the beginning, she has had an interest in psycho-traumatology and psycho-sensory development. Currently, Alexane is a music therapist at the EPS Barthelemy Durand: at the Center for Evaluation, Care and Research in Perinatal Psychiatry & at the Regional Pain Center in Somatic Care and Autism.