This presentation presents a model of practice combining rhythmic music and reflective discussions that is used in one to one, family and group therapy situations for social and emotional development and recovery from trauma. The presentation will demonstrate practical examples of exercises drawn from this model, and discuss their application for different client groups, as well as reference the substantive evidence base supporting it.

Simon Faulkner, MCouns

Simon Faulkner, is a leading practitioner in the design and delivery of evidence based interventions utilizing rhythm to assist with social and emotional learning and recovery from trauma. He is the author of the book ‘Rhythm to Recovery’ and has contributed to over a dozen published papers and research studies on rhythm within therapeutic and educational settings. Simon has worked with a broad range of clients including young people ‘at risk’, people dealing with drug and alcohol addiction, mental health challenges and developmental disorders, refugees working through trauma and prisoners. Simon has extensive experience working cross culturally and has delivered therapeutic interventions to indigenous communities across Australia as well as in both the USA and Canada. Simon has also worked closely with trauma services supporting refugee populations from a wide range of backgrounds.