Substance misuse is a complex issue that affects many individuals, their families and the community. This presentation focuses on music therapy programs delivered within a women’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation center involving mother-child dyads, and women undergoing detoxification and rehabilitation. The music therapy framework described utilizes resource-oriented and empowerment philosophies along with a family-centered approach. Methods and outcomes of therapy will be presented, along with findings from the participant focus group and staff survey on the perceived benefits of the music-making, revealing the emerging themes of engagement, enjoyment and exploring emotions.

Allison Fuller has over 20 years of experience as a Registered Music Therapist working across a number of settings in Sydney, Australia. She has an interest in family-centered practice, technology in music therapy and best-practice training for music therapists. Lauren Bortolazzo graduated from Western Sydney University with Distinction in 2016 and currently works across a number of mental health settings.