Addressing Bereavement, Grief and Loss at End-of-Life Through the Bonny Method

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Photo of Amy Clements-Cortes

Amy Clements-Cort├ęs is Assistant Professor, University of Toronto; Instructor, Wilfrid Laurier University and Ryerson University; Registered Psychotherapist, & Certified Music Therapist; Fellow in the Bonny Method and NMT; Past- President WFMT; & Managing Editor Music and Medicine.

This presentation will provide definitions of grief, mourning and bereavement as well as highlight grief and mourning stages, phases and theories. A literature review of Bonny method sessions with the dying and bereaved will follow, alongside discussion of indications for treatment, potential and recommended goals, as well as considerations for implementing the Bonny Method for dying and bereaved populations. Two case studies, describing a palliative care client and a bereaved client, will be shared in support of the Bonny Method as a means of facilitating the grieving process and inclusion of traditional sessions. Research implications will be discussed with participants.