Need some novelty? Favorite instruments and props to spice up your sessions!

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Becoming bored with your current arsenal of materials? Are your sessions stagnant? Infuse energy into your sessions with novel instruments and objects. If you are having fun, your clients will as well! See and discover novel props, instruments, and resources to engage clients of all ages. Presenters will demonstrate their favorite additions to sessions and show how they use them to gain and maintain client’s attention while working on treatment goals. Be sure to have a paper bag and a set of medium sized spoons available so you can join in the fun!

Learner Objectives:

From CBMT Scope of Practice:

  1. Treatment Planning
  2. Create environment or space conducive to client engagement.
  3. Consider client’s age, culture, music background, and preferences when designing music therapy experiences.
  4. Create music therapy experiences that address client goals and objectives.
  5. Select and adapt musical instruments and equipment consistent with treatment needs.
  6. Select and prepare non-music materials consistent with music therapy goals and clients’ learning styles (e.g., adaptive devices, visual aids).

About the Presenters:

David L. Gadberry holds a Ph.D. in Music Education from the University of Kansas, and he has earned certification in both Kodály and Orff-Schulwerk. He teaches at Marywood University and frequently presents workshops at music therapy, music education, and special education conferences at the regional and national levels.

Anita L. Gadberry is the Director of Music Therapy at Marywood University in Scranton, PA. She also promotes global music therapy connections as the North American Regional Liaison for the World Federation of Music Therapy.