Can Music Therapy Help Overcome Specific Learning Disorders?

Professor Şükrü TORUN, MD, CMT-TR – Anadolu University Faculty of Health Sciences, Dept. of Speech & Language Therapy; Head Graduate School of Health Sciences, Dept. of Speech & Language Therapy; Head DILKOM, Cognitive Neuroscience & Neurocreative Music Therapy Unit, Dysphagia and Motor Speech Disorders Unit, Eskişehir, TURKEY

Aslı ÖZYILDIZ, Psychologist, MA, DMT – Molimo Art and Counseling, İzmir, TURKEY

Prof. Dr. Torun is a professor of neurology and Turkey Health Ministry-Certified Music Therapist. He is currently the head of Department of Language and Speech Therapy at Anadolu University Faculty of Health Sciences. He is also the coordinator of the Cognitive Neurology-Neurocreative Music Therapy and Language, Speech, Sound and Swallowing Disorders Units in DILKOM-Mavi Hospital, in Eskişehir, Turkey. He is married and has two children.

Aslı Özyıldız is a psychologist and dance/movement therapist mostly working in private practice, while periodically collaborating with universities, private schools and health institutions in Turkey. Also owning degrees in music and psychoanalytically-oriented philosophy, she completed a one-year music therapy training program in Italy and still pursues a broader program in France.