Collaborative Songwriting Online

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Carlin McLellan

With many music therapists now utilising telehealth to deliver music therapy, a sound understanding of music technology is more important than ever. Telehealth challenges us to develop new and innovative ways of connecting, sharing and interacting.

Presentation Description:

This Masterclass will teach participants how to use Soundtrap to create music collaboratively online with a range of population groups.

Soundtrap is a website which allows for real-time collaborative songwriting including use of loops, sound effects, audio editing and recording. Soundtrap is free and requires no equipment or software to use, it runs directly in a web-browser.

This interactive workshop will provide participants with the skills necessary to utilise online collaborative songwriting in their clinical practice.

Learner Objectives:

  • To achieve therapeutic goals: compose vocal, instrumental, and digital music. (CBMT Domain III. A. 5. e.)
  • Utilize a varied music repertoire (e.g., blues, pop, metal, hip-hop) from a variety of cultures and eras. (CBMT Domain III. A. 5. i.)
  • Develop and advance technology and interactive media skills. (CBMT Domain V. A. 7.)

Target Audience:

Students, Entry-level professionals, Experienced professionals

Presenter Biography:

Carlin McLellan is a Registered Music Therapist and music technologist. He is the founder and director of Play Anything Music Therapy. His work focuses on using technology to facilitate accessible music-making for people of all abilities.