Beyond the borders: Music therapy for the inseparable human

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In this presentation Dr. Gilbertson will be considering how music therapy is one way of considering how humans are linked beyond the borders of concepts such as cellular, neural and interpersonal domains. Whilst discussing the concept of the inseparable human, he will discuss my understanding of the central, peripheral and social nervous systems in which human life takes place and highlight this with examples from music therapy practice and research.

Learner objectives:

1. Participants will identify at least two ways as to how the way in which conceptual borders are conventionally used to describe fields of interest in music therapy (CBMT Scope of Practice: I. C. 2. a; IV. A. 1. 2)

2. Participants will identify at least two conceptual borders which are used in one’s own music therapy practice and research (CBMT Scope of Practice: I. B. 4)

About Simon Gilbertson, Dr, rer, medic., RMTh:

Simon Gilbertson is Associate Professor and Head of Studies of the 5-year integrated MA in Music Therapy, Grieg Academy, University of Bergen, Norway. Since qualifying in 1993 in London, he has worked as a clinician, researcher and educator in England, Germany, Ireland and Norway and has experience with children and adults with cancer, individuals with unique developmental biographies, and neurological illness/trauma. He authored ‘Music therapy and traumatic brain injury: A light on a dark night’ with David Aldridge and is an Associate Editor of the Nordic Journal of Music Therapy. His current research interests include neurorehabilitation, the Arts, embodied and extended perception and cognition, interdisciplinarity, and multimodality as found intertwined throughout central, peripheral and social nervous systems.