Envisioning the Future of Music Therapy: A Futurist Look at Clinical Training

Mary Jane Landaker, MME, MT-BC
Photo of Mary Jane Landaker

The years of 2020 and 2021 revealed that music therapy could be done in ways and manners not envisioned before – from live, video interactions to prerecorded experiences used to enrich the lives of homebound clients. As we start to look towards the future of music therapy, the events and skills that we all developed during these pandemic years will shape how future generations learn to do the job of being a music therapist. Participants will be asked to engage in conversations and brainstorming for what an ideal future clinical training program could entail for future music therapy students. What do you think the future should hold for the next generations of music therapists? Add your thoughts to the discussion.

Have you ever wondered if the way we currently train music therapists is the only way? How has your job changed in the two years of COVID? What skills did you have to learn in order to continue to interact as a music therapist in 2020 and 2021? Were you exposed to those skills at all during your education and clinical training experiences? This workshop/discussion will challenge the music therapists of today to use imagination and experience to start to form a model of music therapy that incorporates the lessons learned and looks towards preparing the next generations of music therapists for a changed profession.

Learner Objectives:

  1. Participants will evaluate job responsibilities in relation to developing an ideal model for music therapy clinical training.
  2. Describe elements of theoretical orientations in relation to one’s own professional practice.
  3. Describe elements of music therapy approaches and models in relation to one’s own professional practice.
  4. Demonstrate awareness of music therapy professional presence and development through a global perspective by relating the processes and experiences of other therapists to one’s own professional practice.

Presenter Biography:

Mary Jane Landaker, MME, MT-BC is the owner of musictherapyworks.com and is the staff music therapist and internship director at Lakemary Center, Inc. where she supervises future music therapists in their clinical internships.