Connecting the Dots: Laying Foundations for Perinatal MT Practices through Peer Supervision

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Music therapy assisted childbirth is a rapidly developing and innovative specialty area. This positive growth stimulates a need for clinical competency examination, monitoring, and supervision. Two experienced perinatal music therapists will discuss how peer supervision has helped assess current clinical and ethical issues by identifying areas of personal and professional development. A foundation for best practices in perinatal music therapy was developed throughout this process. Music therapists of all experience levels will learn more about perinatal MT clinical practice through an examination of musical, artistic, written, and oral peer supervision results in this creative arts based presentation.

Learner Objectives:

  1. Identify ways in which peer supervision can improve, develop, and sustain a specialized music therapy private practice.
  2. Discover how peer supervision enhances personal and professional growth.
  3. Understand the the role of music and music therapy in pre and perinatal preparation, birth and postpartum periods.
  4. Define and develop ethical and professional competency skills in current and future perinatal music therapy practice.

About the Presenters:

Heidi Lengel, MMT, MT-BC, CD(SBD) is a professional birth support specialist who focuses in music therapy assisted childbirth as well as perinatal bereavement. She is a seasoned music therapist, certified birth & bereavement doula, passionate perinatal mental health advocate, and loves supporting families throughout seasons of life and loss.

Kate Taylor, MAMT, MT-BC, Doula, specializes in music therapy assisted childbirth and creative arts for birth preparation. Kate attends home and hospital births where she provides a labor support model which integrates nearly fifteen years of clinical and educational experience in creative arts, guided imagery, hospice and neurologic music therapy.