Music Therapy 4 Me: Find your niche and elevate your practice

Kate Taylor, MA, MT-BC


Participants will have the opportunity to evaluate their new or existing careers in music therapy and explore how to deepen their search for specialized clinical practice models. This discussion will encourage you to explore many different theoretical models and clinical applications of music therapy which you practice or that may resonate with you as a therapist. Together we will explore how you can elevate your clinical practice, explore intersections in various clinical models and customize your goals for advanced clinical training. This process will help you begin your journey to finding your niche in the field of music therapy.

Learner Objectives:

1. Participants will be able to identify three different theoretical models of music therapy (CBMT Scope of Practice: II. A. 4).

2. Participants will be able to identify at least two ways for self-assessment in career planning (CBMT Scope of Practice: IV. B. 13).

3. Participants will be able to identify at least two applications of self-care including music psychotherapy, guided imagery and music, various creative arts (CBMT Scope of Practice: IV. A. 1).

About Kate Taylor, MA, MT-BC:

Kate Taylor, MA, MT-BC became a labor support doula in 2007. She served as music therapy department chair at the ITA Chicago, then advanced to serve the hospice families from Seasons Hospice of Illinois. Kate now practices music therapy assisted childbirth and offers creative arts in pre-natal education.