Dealing with Unavoidable Dual Relationships

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The AMTA Code of Ethics says that we will not enter into dual relationships. However, there are times when dual relationships are unavoidable. Hear from this music therapist as she shares how she has dealt, successfully and unsuccessfully, with unavoidable dual relationships. This area is not black and white, rather shades of grey, but participants will have greater clarity for how to handle dual relationships when they arise.

Learner Objectives:

1. Participants will have a greater understanding of the AMTA Code of Ethics.

2. Participants will each volunteer at least one unavoidable dual relationship and one way to deal professionally with that situation.

3. Participants will identify if they have dual relationships in their own lives.

About Lillieth Grand, Music Therapist:

Lillieth Grand, MS, MT-BC has been a music therapist for over 20 years. She owns Milestone Music Therapy, a private practice in Oregon. Lillieth is also the mother of three boys, two of them with special needs. She serves WRAMTA as Vice President, Conference Chair, and Assembly Delegate.