More than Song: Vocal Techniques and Interventions from Voicework to Improvisation

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Photo of Meghan MacMillan

Meghan MacMillan is a music therapist who has specialized in mental health, trauma and wellness. She has focused her education and career on better understanding the use of voice within a therapeutic context. In 2014 she completed research into the foundation of a new model of voicework.

As music therapists, regardless of our primary instrument, we use our voices every day. Unless one specializes in voicework or vocal psychotherapy, we are seldom trained in using our voices as the primary instrument in interventions. Our voice is the one instrument we take with us everywhere, we should feel confident using it! Whether you are looking for intervention ideas, want to feel secure when a guitar string breaks, or want to be prepared for those moments a therapeutic opportunity arises and your instruments are nowhere in sight, there are numerous reasons to expand our vocal techniques.

This presentation focuses on teaching vocal techniques including: toning, chant, vocal holding, improvised songwriting, and breathwork. It is suitable for students to seasoned professionals interested in increasing their vocal proficiency. The format will be largely lecture based with opportunities for music making to try out some of the techniques.