Music Therapy as a Humanitarian Practice in the Work and Life of Clinical Psychologist

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Anton Cherepanov, Psychologist

Institutions of health-care system have some problems, which are illustrated on the particular examples from work of clinical psychologist with different nosological groups. Perspective of music therapy methods are considered in the compliance of humanitarian values: to develop the subjectivity, self-consciousness and internal condition of personality of clients or patients. The main role of therapeutic relationship is emphasized to improve people’s welfare. To demonstrate efficiency and evidence-based practice of using music, the review of more than five years’ experience is presented, including clinical, social, voluntary cases of work with mental disorders, with cerebral palsy, with dying from cancer etc.

Story-telling format with attempt of self-reflection on the examples of several cases using videotapes and music-making. This report will have possibility to raise some problematic questions of own educational or professional practice and life.

  1. Meet the experience of work of clinical psychologist using music therapy methods in professional and private life.
  2. Imagine the way of becoming music therapist in the circumstances of absence of long education and certification in this professional field.
  3. Consider the musical volunteer’s activity as the stage of professional development of musictherapist.
  4. Get an idea of volunteering as an authentic musical practice of professional and personal development.
  5. Made an attempt to self-reflection, professional experience together with the rapporteur, replying to the questions raised by him

Anton Cherepanov is a clinical psychologist, founder of music therapy orchestra «Improvizz» (Altai territory, Barnaul), music therapist at «Psychiatric Hospital №22», volunteer assistance services to people with ALS «Miloserdie» (Moscow)