Music Therapy in Cut-Time: Challenges of Providing Care in Acute Inpatient Behavioral Health

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Yvonne M Glass, MM, MT-BC, NICU Music Therapist is the Internship Director at Parthenon Pavilion in Nashville, TN, USA, and has advanced training in Bonny Method GIM, NMT, and NICU/Medical Music Therapy. She serves on the Practice Analysis Committee for CBMT and on the SER-AMTA Board of Directors. She presented for OCMT 2018 and will present at the 2020 World Congress of MT.

Individuals presenting for inpatient care are in extreme distress, often suicidal, psychotic, and non-compliant with treatment. Acute treatment often lasts less than a week, and providing interventions to help patients gain insights, manage symptoms, and develop healthy coping is challenging. Topic-based sessions, trauma-informed care practice, and strong group processing skills are effective tools for extremely short treatment windows. Relevant group topics, suitable music interventions, co-treating, managing diversity, ways to carry the teaching beyond sessions, and criteria for withholding or removing patients from groups will also be discussed.

This presentation will be primarily lecture-based with ample opportunities for questions and discussion. I welcome the possibility of participants sharing their best practices and challenges of working in acute inpatient behavioral health.