Music Therapy in the Era of Climate Change

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Photo of Deborah Seebrook

Deborah Seabrook MMT MTA PhD(C) is a Canadian music therapy clinician, researcher, and educator. Her doctoral research examines music improvisation and mental health. Deborah’s scholarly interests also include intersectionality and climate change. Deborah has taught at McGill, Concordia and Wilfrid Laurier Universities. She supports musicians and therapists through her practice:

This presentation invites music therapists to consider our discipline, ourselves, and our clients in the context of climate change. What roles might music therapy as a helping profession play in caring for our planet and its peoples in this time of crisis? Related work from allied fields, including psychotherapy, eco-musicology, and music performance is surveyed and relevant music therapy theory and practices are highlighted. Our professional scope of practice is considered and discussed. An emergent sub-field of music therapy relevant to climate change is proposed. Questions are posed, and suggestions offered for moving forward with awareness, courage, and hope.