Preferred music to improve sleep quality in adults with depression and insomnia

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Helle Nystrup Lund

Introduction to a PhD study taking place at Aalborg University Hospital in Denmark. The aim in this project is to investigate, whether music listening is helpful to improve sleep quality, reduce symptoms of depression, improve quality of life and limit or replace medication. Participants enrolled are registrered in the clinic for unipolar and bipolar affective disorders at Aalborg University Hospital – Psychiatry. The participants test whether a Sound pillow and special designed playlist is helpful to fight insomnia in depression in a 4 week period.
This RCT study will use an explanatory mixed methods design.

  • lecture/oral presentation
  • introduction to present issues in PhD study
  • results from an initial study leading to the PhD study
  • discussion of method and research design

The presentation will show an example of how the effect of music intervention can be investigated in a psychiatric setting by a music therapist. The presentation will explore boundaries and similarities in music medicine and music therapy with examples from the current PhD study showing how both positions can integrate.

  1. Insight into ongoing research
  2. insight into music therapist driven innovation – The Music Star app for iPad
  3. learning about boundaries and similarities in the field of Music therapy .- Music medicine/Music intervention

Helle Nystrup Lund has been employed since 2004 as a music therapist at Aalborg University Hospital – psychiatry. She received her MA in Music Therapy in 1995 from Aalborg University, Denmark.