Song-Writing as a Therapeutic Tool For Indigenous Youth

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This PowerPoint presentation will discuss how song writing can encourage self-expression and self-reflection in indigenous youth affected by mental health issues.

How can song-writing assist individuals to reconnect with themselves? How does the process of song-writing encourage a self-reflective process and assist individuals to become more self-expressive?

The presentation will include descriptions of storytelling as a cultural aspect, song-writing using different genres like a ballads or RAP. The presentation will discuss a model based on a holistic approach to wellbeing.

  1. Understand terminology commonly presented in related literature for example Therapeutic Song- Writing, Lyric Analysis and Community Music Therapy.
  2. Showcase examples from music therapy literature and research on the use of song-writing as a therapeutic tool.
  3. Understand how cultural model or framework (for example the medicine wheel) can be used to facilitate a holistic therapeutic approach.
  4. Discuss how technology (using an IPAD) can assist in the song-writing process.

About the Speaker

Fleur is currently working on a PHD in Music, a qualitative study focusing on “Improvisation, Wellbeing and Mental Health”. She is currently working on a reserve, in a role that focusses on mental health capacity building within schools. Fleur is a passionate advocate for Music Therapy and is currently part of the FACT-AB board, which is advocating for regulation of counselling therapies in Alberta, Canada. She was a committee member of the CAMT’s mental health task force.