The Innovative Music Therapy Program for Children’s Well-Being and Personal Growth

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Larissa Zoubareva is a board-certified music therapist – Music Therapist Accredited with a private practice in the Greater Toronto Area. Much of her work has been with children’s holistic wellness and mental health. She has also worked in depth with hospitalized oncology and palliative care patients.

This presentation introduces a developmental music therapy program which is based on the ‘gene-environment correlation’ using the epigenetic framework where a child’s development is the result of ongoing, bidirectional exchanges between heredity and all levels of their environment.

Participants can learn how in a creative nurturing musical environment, classical music could be a tool for regulating the ‘turn on’ or ‘turn off’ gene expression which needs to be triggered through positive reinforcement. Classical music has been found to be the most effective tool because it can awaken “in children a real transformation” (Aigen) of the whole human being.