Architect Your Intervention: Clinical Guitar Skills to Revitalize Your Style

Lyndsy Adamson, BMT, MT-BC
Image of music therapist Lyndsy Adamson

As music therapists it is important to remember that we are the Masters of the Music. When we reintroduce concepts of mode, meter, structure and sonority back into our guitar accompanied repertoire we suddenly increase the effectiveness of our practice without learning another song. This presentation will explore changing left hand chordal structures, adapting right hand rhythms and changing modes to increase clinical effectiveness. Therapists around the world will be reinvigorated in how they look at their guitar accompaniment, learn new ways to implement techniques they already have and bring mindfulness to techniques they can learn easily. We can be empowered to transform the clinical environment by being Masters of the Music.

Learner Objectives:

  1. Treatment Implementation and Documentation: Implementation: Provide individualized music therapy experiences to address client’s needs by providing a more varied aesthetic experience. (1. A. 2.)
  2. Treatment Implementation and Documentation: Implementation: To achieve therapeutic goals: Apply a variety of scales, modes, and harmonic progressions. (2. A. 5. a.)
  3. Treatment Implementation and Documentation: Implementation: To achieve therapeutic goals: Arrange, transpose, or adapt music (3. A. 5. d.)
  4. Treatment Implementation and Documentation: Implementation: Employ functional skills with:  Guitar. (4. A. f. 2.)

Presenter Biography:

Lyndsy Adamson, BMT, MT-BC has been teaching since 2006 and playing guitar since the age of 13. She has been a presenter, providing inservices for conferences, hospitals, and more. She has worked with individuals and facilities to improve care plan outcomes, reduce burnout and increase therapist efficacy. Lyndsy is a trained and credentialed intern supervisor with American Music Therapy Association. Graduate of University of Windsor Music Therapy Program, earning her Music Therapist Accredited and Music Therapy Board Certification.