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How to Answer “What is Music Therapy?”


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Most of us struggle to eloquently, comprehensively, and quickly communicate the true nature of our work as Music Therapists. We are overwhelmed, daunted, and want to provide too much information in too short of a time. The best place to start out practicing is answering the age-old question… What is music therapy? And we have opinions. Let’s start with the basics.

3 Points To Consider FIRST
1. Can they relate to my description on a personal level?
2. Am I using language they understand?
3. When I describe music therapy, are they able to picture the face of someone to whom they could refer for my music therapy services?

When you paint a picture for someone, it has more potential to create a memory. And if you can make a strong impact and a great first impression, then you won’t ever have to worry about getting more clients, or getting burnt out advocating again!

Watch the video below for the exact formula that you can use to answer “What Is Music Therapy.”


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